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Why root the Neo X5?

Discussion in 'NEO X5' started by Pontus Åkerhage, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Pontus Åkerhage

    Pontus Åkerhage New Member

    Hi all
    Can you please shortly describe the avdantages and benefits of a rooted device?

    What´s the first thing to do after you have rooted? And also if you can mention a couple of more tips and tricks to do with a rooted device?

    Just now I´m on the 20130731 v013 rom. (waiting for 1080p).

    Thanks alot
  2. AdAway app is a must to get rid of the annoying google Ads.
    That's usually the first thing you install right after SuperSU or Superuser apps. from the Apps I use on my android devices(tablets, phones and tv boxes), this is my essential app list for my personal needs:

    Sixaxis Controller requires Root
    SetCPU requires Root
    Busybox requires Root
    Titanium Backup requires Root
    Rom Manager requires Root
    GooManager requires Root
    Root Browser requires Root
    Stickmount requires Root
    Quickboot requires Root
    Wireless Tether requires Root
    Greenify requires Root
    App Quarantine requires Root
    Auto Memory Manager requires Root
    Wireless ADB requires Root
    Android Tuner
    WiFinspect requires Root
    AFWall + requies Root
    Network Log requires Root
    DriveDroid requires Root
    Nandroid Manager requires Root
    GMS Gesture Control requires Root
    Call Master requires Root
    SD Maid requires Root
    OTA Root keeper requires Root
    SSHDroid requires Root
    AndSMB requires Root
    Set DNS requires Root

    For a description for what does what, you can do your own research about it.
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  3. Pontus Åkerhage

    Pontus Åkerhage New Member

    Thanks alot Giovanni. Will read about the different programs. I quess that you dont get all from play market?
    Anyone else got any more tips & tricks?

    Thanks in advance

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