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NEO X5 latest firmware (20130520, version 011)

Discussion in 'NEO X5' started by MINIX, May 20, 2013.

  1. mar sou Member

    2 questions: 1. Is this rooted? 2. Since 99% of my use of X5 is XBMC, should I bother with this update? I currently use the XAF XBMC which uses external player because all the versions with internal player work poorly for me (yes even the 02/19 version).
  2. jtbc New Member

    Wow, thats fast. Just read you said within this week today.
    Thanks for sharing.
  3. MINIX Administrator

    Officially we will never provide rooted firmware.

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  4. MINIX Administrator

    Try again. It wont brick.

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  5. Gh0st Administrator

    Update then set your external player to the built in RockChip player, it works brilliantly now!
  6. Any hint how to set external player to the built RockChip player?
  7. mar sou Member

    But I will still be using an external player? No progress made with using built in xbmc player?
  8. beppe76tv New Member

    Hi everyone i have a X5 (update at a new firmware) i (and not only me) have a problem, when i use the airmouse minix A1 more app is crashed facebook, XBMC, and more, and in the same time the system is freezes, when i use the remote control in bundle is ok no crash or freeze, please solve this problem, which makes it unusable x5. thank you for your job.
  9. Gh0st Administrator

    Ahhh good question, I will look into it as I have not done it myself. 95% of my videos are 720p so I have only used XBMC libstagefright version

    There is work being done by RockChip (its because of them XBMC doesnt work properly not Minix) however I dont think its totally fixed yet
  10. MINIX Administrator

    Should really ask xbmc about their internal player...

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  11. MINIX Administrator

    To make it fair, XBMC needs to improve the support across different hardware platform as well. Right now only one platform works really well.

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  12. minixforums New Member

    Ok, that's very interesting, where is best to contact you to discuss?

  13. Gh0st Administrator

    Because they pay :p
    I'm sure if RockChip wanted to "support" XBMC like Pivos do then XBMC would work perfect in a matter of weeks
  14. MINIX Administrator

    Thank you for your report, we will look into this issue.

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  15. MINIX Administrator

    You may send me private message here first.

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  16. Woolywonder New Member

    Is this new firmware a USB install:( or x5 box via wifi:)?
  17. traxdata Moderator

    Might do this tonight. The new firmware. Just a pain installing all the apps all over again.
  18. Nikos New Member

    Can we root this using the same way with the previous (NEO_X5_4.1.1_20130326) one?
  19. sweup Member

    Thx Minix, hope to see 1080-version out soon
  20. Gh0st Administrator


    Sure can
  21. Woolywonder New Member

    Detest doing these updates. Why can't they be done ota? F@*king nightmare, really pissed off. :mad:
  22. drbytes New Member

    I sure hope it doesn't skip anymore.. can't even play 320kbps mp3's without skipping. Or the constant freezing, it's doing my head in! I'm at my wits end with this box. Hate having to re-connect my boxee box. Albeit that did work superbly and audio en video synced as nothing I've ever owned before.
  23. traxdata Moderator

    So is XBMC still buggered with 'Player Active' issue. Someone mentioned use the rockchip default player. Where in gods earth do you set this? XBMC, X5 settings?

    OK, by pressing c when the list of streams comes up it allows you to then select a player. But still no joy. Does anyone have a link to the version of XBMC that did work with live streams?
    Last edited by traxdata, May 20, 2013
  24. genny Member

    Until the android source code will be stuffed from parts of extraneous code, such as the server part of rkremote, android roms will never work well.

    This part heavily ruin the window manager.

    Can we have a rom without this part inside to compare ?
    tmz83 likes this.
  25. Vladimir Maksimenko New Member

    Thanks for update, it's great.

    There is still problems with touch emulation in games. For example, Wind-up Knight.
    When I use MINIX A1 remote or BT mouse in it's doesn't respond on clicks. But when I use RockChip remote, it's respond on my clicks even in mouse mode.

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